Family Affair

Cosy and Traditional

Passionate about food and mountains Bruno et Danielle PERRIN always had a dream: running a restaurant in the French Alps.

In 2008, they discovered the Chalet Tonia and decided to buy this restaurant. Through the years, they created a cosy place where friendliness was the key word

People came to eat hearty meals, inspired by the Lyonnais cuisine, but also to share a glass of wine and make fun of Bruno’s jokes.

In 2016, they handed the business over to their children, Mathieu and Caroline. Since then, the adventure keeps going on with the same passion and values. Caroline has updated the decor with few changes while keeping the authenticity of the place. Mathieu has decided to organise special evenings with snowmobile ride.y apportant une touche de modernité. Mathieu, lui, a souhaité développer le concept des soirées avec transfert en motoneige.

The history goes ahead…

Bruno et Danielle PERRIN
Famille Perrin
Mathieu et Caroline PERRIN
chalet Tonia